Saturday, May 19, 2007

In The Name Of Allah
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good bye webloging - My last post

In the Name of Allah

Good bye Webloging !

Dear Friends
Since this weblog will not be updated anymore, please send your comments only via the following Email
Yours truly : Sadeghi, M.H. (persian Hoopoe)
دوستان عزیز سلام ؛ از آنجا که این وبلاگ دیگر آپ نخواهد شد ، خواهشمندم نظرات شریفتان را در قسمت کامنتها ننویسید، چون شرمندۀ بی پاسخ ماندن آنها خواهم شد ولی از طریق ایمیل بالا کماکان در خدمتتان هستم. والسلام - ارادتمند همیشگی – محمد حسین صادقی

A contest with prize

In the name of God

A contest with prize :

Noble or ignoble love is the keyword of a tantalize wild hog when she or he goes into his or her chat room and sits in front of webcam and speaks to his or her darling idle idol kitten whose name is the password of all the hell new settlers of internet who think they are being recorded in the statistics of paradise webmasters and each of them has warm relationship with a celeb beauty star or a Hollywood scarlet.
Joke – necklace - graphite - calendar.

Who can put these four words in the text without any extra changing? If so send email to :

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Armagedon and the Antichrist G.W.Bush

محضر مبارک جناب پاپ بندیکت شانزدهم
با عرض سلام
واقعۀ مرگبار آرماگدون که حضرتعالی پرچمدار و منادی آن گشته اید نه تنها ما را مرعوب نمی کند بلکه ما را مشعوف نیز می سازد چون (به زعم شما ) این واقعۀ محتوم و موعود ، زمینه ساز حکومت جهانی حضرت عیسی مسیح (ع) است و (به زعم ما) آن حضرت با تمام پیروان جدیدش در آخرالزمان به حضرت بقیة الله الاعظم ، مهدی موعود(عج) اقتدا خواهند کرد.ان شاء الله. و ما بی صبرانه در انتظار آن روزیم
لذا از اینکه بوش دجّال را به میدان فرستاده اید تا به انتظار ما و تمام جهانیان پایان دهد صمیمانه سپاسگزاریم.
منتظران ظهورحضرت مهدی و رجعت حضرت عیسی مسیح علیهم السلام

Saturday, September 09, 2006

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج
میلاد با سعادت منجی عالم بشریت ، حضرت مهدی (عج) بر تمام عاشقان ولایت بخصوص
بر خانواده های معظم شهدا و جانبازان و ایثار گران

محمد حسین صادقی
1427قم - پانزدهم شعبان المعظم
هجدهم شهریور 1385

Monday, August 28, 2006

Where is our Joseph? Imam Moosa Sadr

In The Name of Allah

Where is our Joseph?

He is the living symbol of peace and unity
and a complete combination of all humanistic virtues.
He is a polished mirror of all Abrahamic riligions
and a perfect scholar of all holy books
He is the real follower of Moses , Jesus Christ and Mohammed (p.b.u.t)

He is the shining sun of Lebenan dark nights
and the common hope of all peace-seeking people.

Oh God , put an end to our 30 years deprivation
and send back our Joseph.

where is he ?
In which well is he waiting for relief ?
I'm sure he was not eaten by wolves!
he is still alive
and we smell the scent of his torn shirt
return him to us
we need him.

by : persian hoopoe
2006 / 08 / 28

to be continued....

Monday, May 29, 2006

words of light

In The name of Allah

words of light

One of the most precious resources of guidance for all aspects of the human's life is the narrations and aphorisms of Ma'soomin(p.b.u.t.) whose pure fountain-head of empyrean wisdom is current toward the dried lands of the spirirts of the luck-seeking people, offering them a green safe and successful life and delivering the disasterd ones to the beach of calmness and maturity by their rescue ship of light, in this stormy world of immoralities and triteness thoughts. Regarding to this subject , Imam Al-Baqer says: "Undoubtedly, our sayings enlive the hearts".
Accordingly, we decided to make you, dear readers, familiar with fourteen lightful narrations of the fourteen infallible ones (p.b.u.t) in this issue, and hope that these brilliant words may help us find our right way in this hazardous world.

1 - The best man
The holy prophet (p.b.u.h.) said: the best man is one who loves worshipping and embraces it willingly with open arms, and likes it heartily , being in complete contact with it by his body , and makes himself ready to perform it. such a worshipper never wonder how his life is passing, whether in calamity or in calmness.

2 - An important moral rule
Imam Ali (p.b.u.h.) said : set yourself as a measure between you and others, everything you like for yourself also like for others; and everything that you dislike for yourself dislike for others. Be beneficent to others as you expet them to do good to you.

3 - Advantages of affability
Fatimah Al-Zahra(p.b.u.h.) said: affability towards a friend, reserves paradise for him; and towards an enemy, preserves him from hell.
will be continued
translated by : Sadeghi,M.h.
Qom - 2006 / 5 / 31
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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Love You because you Love God

The meanings of Islam

The word “Islam” means submission to God’s will
Reconciliation with God
Uncomplaining acceptance of God’s rules
Accepting the religion of Muhammad. (Peace be upon him)
Put oneself under the control of Almighty God.
Acceptance the God’s law and Muhammad’s authority
Obedience the God’s will & law without resistance
The word “Islam” is derived from the root word “Selm”
Selm in Arabic means: peace ; be in peace with; make peace; friendship; safety; soundness; healthy; adaptation; to be safe and sound; faultless condition;
Blamelessness behavior; to be free from harm; to escape from danger.
The word Islam is cognate with “salam , taslim , salem , muslim etc”
“Salam” means soundness; well-being; unimpaired mode ; intactness; peacefulness; safety; security; peace.
“Salam” is a common greeting and salutation in Islamic nations
“Salam” is one of God’s names
“Salam” is the language of settlers of paradise
“Salam” means “I’m in peace with you”; “be in peace with God” “may God safe you” ; “may God help and preserve you”
“Salam” means I Love You because you Love God and his Apostles
and Islam means we love each other
“Taslim” means submission; reconciliation
“Muslim” means safe and sound person; secured and protected by God’s power;

Will be continued….
By :P.H.

Zarghan , Zarqan & zargan

In The Name of Allah
The Gold Mine

Our city, Zarghan,is the very gold mine, as the past
Zarghan is a town in Fars province of the glorious IRAN.
My city is located between two famous cities of shiraz and persepolise.
Zarghan is a combinaton of two words :''zar '' and ''ghan''
Zar in Farsi means gold ;
and ''ghan'' is the Arabic form of ''kaan'' means mine
so Zarghan means the mine of gold
but there isnt any gold mine in our city
the real gold of my city is its people.
some years ago i composed a farsi poem about my golden city ,
which begins with this line:
زرقان ما هنوز همان معدن زر است
and the title of this entry is a free English translation of this.
Two other equivalent names of Zarghan,
in written English and official documents,
are Zarqan and Zargan .
The above imege is also an air view of my city zarghan
which is taken by earth google.
Whatever my city is, I love it and its nice and kind people.

By : Persian hoopoe

Friday, March 03, 2006

Muhammad Hussein Sadeghi

In the name of God
A little about me:
Muhammad Hussein Sadeghi
محمد حسين صادقي
45years old, married, 3 children
B.A. in Teaching English
From: Iran / Fars / Zarghan
زرقان فارس / ايران

my pen name is persian hoopoe in english poems
and hod hod + Baraan in farsi poems
Hodhod publication, in Qom
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Islam is Peace

In the Name of Allah

In the Name of Allah
How to become a Muslim?
If you believe that “there is no god except Allah” and “Muhammad is the last Messenger of God” you are a Muslim; and no one has permission to evaluate and examine the correctness of your belief and deeds.
You are free in your faith, but if you want to elevate your grade of faith you should do several good things and do not several bad ones, only for the sake of God, not to pretend and to show to other people.
Be successful
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English radio
Sadeghi, M.H.
will be continued...
(If God pleases )